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Courses: Health and Safety

Course Number Course Name Credit (PDH) Course Price Course Category
EE0049 Safety of Electrical Transmission and Distribution System 10 $275.00 General
EL0002 ADA Accessible Design Standards 8 $220.00 American Disability Act (ADA)
ME0053 Explosive Safety 8 $220.00 Fire Protection
EE0021 Introduction to Electrical Safety for Engineers 8 $220.00 General
CE0071 American Disability Act (ADA) - Application for State and Local Government 5 $137.50 American Disability Act (ADA)
EV0067 OSHA: Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry 4 $110.00 OSHA
EE0138 Fire Protection Engineering: Design and Construction in Buildings 4 $110.00 Fire Protection
ME0052 Basics of Fire Protection 4 $110.00 Fire Protection
PT0132 OSHA: Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Regulation Overview 4 $110.00 OSHA
EL0202 ADA: Guide for Small Towns 3 $82.50 American Disability Act (ADA)
ME0012 Fire and Smoke Dampers 3 $82.50 Fire Protection
ME0081 Smoke Control in Elevator Lobbies 3 $82.50 Fire Protection
EL0203 ADA: Guide for Small Businesses 2 $55.00 American Disability Act (ADA)
EL0204 Common ADA Errors and Omissions in New Construction and Alterations 2 $55.00 American Disability Act (ADA)
EL0208 ADA: A Primer for Small Business 2 $55.00 American Disability Act (ADA)
EL0206 ADA - Achievable Barrier Removal and Van Accessible Parking Spaces 2 $55.00 American Disability Act (ADA)
EE0019 OSHA: Ground-Fault Protection on Construction Sites 2 $55.00 OSHA
ME0051 Fire Protection in HVAC Systems 2 $55.00 Fire Protection
CE0047 Ensuring Safe Structures Near Flood Zones 2 $55.00 General
ME0137 Air Moving and Fire Protection 2 $55.00 Fire Protection