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Course: Basic Direct Current (DC) Theory

# Course: EE0120

Fee: $110.00

Credit: 4PDH

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Basic Direct Current (DC) Theory will introduce many of the fundamental concepts and theory of direct current. It describes the basic concepts of DC electrical circuits and discusses the associated terminology related to direct current and its unique set of rules.

This course details concepts on how to produce a DC Voltage as well as how to describe the outputs of half-wave and full-wave bridge rectifiers. After this concept, the course continues to explain how to determine whether a circuit is open or closed. Additionally, the material demonstrates in detail how to calculate resistances for series and parallel circuits as well as Kirchhoff’s laws regarding voltage and current concepts. These concepts finally transitions into the voltage and current effects of an open DC circuit and in a short DC circuit both in series and parallel.

Important Note: Please recognize EE0114 – Comprehensive Electrical Theory, covers the entirety of the material found in this course. If you have already taken or plan on taking EE0114 in the future, we strongly recommend you reconsider completing this course since the course material will be redundant.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain the ability to analyze various DC circuits to find resistances, currents, and voltages at any given point within the circuit
    • Know the four ways to produce DC voltage
    • Describe outputs of half-wave and full-wave bridge rectifiers
    • Identify four different types of diagrams
    • Calculate resistance in a series or parallel circuit
    • Understand Kirchhoff’s Laws
    • Describe the voltage and current effects of an open in a DC circuit and in a shorted DC circuit

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EE0120-Basic Direct Current (DC) Theory.pdf

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