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Course: Texas PE - Ethics and Case Reviews

# Course: EL0201

Fee: $39.00

Credit: 1PDH

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This course provides Texas Professional Engineers with a yearly review of Law and Rules changes along with recent ethics cases assessment as it relates to the Texas Engineering Practice Act and Rules concerning the Practice of Engineering and Professional Engineering Licensure. Additionally, it complies with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers Ethics Course requirement prior to license renewal.

As part of the Continuing Education Program (CEP) requirement, The Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE) requires each license holder to meet the CEP requirements for professional development as a condition for license renewal. As addressed Chapter 137.17, section (d), the Act states that “a minimum of 1 PDH per renewal period must be in the area of professional ethics, roles and responsibilities of professional engineering, or review of the Texas Engineering Practice Act and Board Rules.”

While the TBPE allows up to 14 PDH earned to be carried forward to fulfill the following year CEP requirement, PDH units carried forward may not be counted to meet the professional ethics requirement.

NOTE: This course is specifically prepared for the State of Texas ONLY. It does NOT fulfill the continuing education requirement for Laws and Rules or Ethics from any other state (i.e. Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, etc).

Important Note: Please recognize this course covers a segment of the material found in EL0199. If you purchase this course, we strongly recommend you do not opt for the previously listed course, since the course material will be redundant

Course Objectives:

  • Description of recent changes in the Texas Engineering Practice Act
  • Provide an overview of Ethics violations as disciplined by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers
  • Discussion of Disciplinary Actions and applicable ethics violation
  • Review of penalties and disciplinary actions for various violations

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EL0201 - Texas PE - Ethics and Case Reviews.pdf

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