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Course: Ice Jam Mitigation Techniques

# Course: SE0187

Fee: $82.50

Credit: 3PDH

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This course covers ice jam mitigation techniques. Mitigation works to change the nature of the threat, decreases vulnerability to damage and reduces exposure to the hazard. Many of these are appropriate for design and implementation in smaller cities and towns.

Until the 1970s, flood control concentrated largely on open-water flood events and was considered primarily a Federal responsibility. Large structural solutions such as levees or flood-control dams were built. Now, the Federal Government requires local and State governments to share the costs. Government policies favor small-scale, locally funded projects. In light of significantly reduced budgets, innovative ice jam mitigation techniques that require low maintenance and low up-front costs, have low environmental impacts, and yield excellent results in terms of reduced flooding damages are being developed. Many of these are appropriate for design and implementation in smaller cities and towns.

Each mitigation method described in this manual has advantages and disadvantages. The decision as to which method to use may be easy. The real difficulty may lie in determining if any work is necessary at all. Experience is helpful for this decision.

Important Note: Please recognize SE0141 – Ice Engineering: Design, Construction and Operation Maintenance, covers the entirety of the material found in this course. If you have already taken or plan on taking SE0141 in the future, we strongly recommend you reconsider completing this course since the course material will be redundant.

Course Objectives:

  • Ice jam flood control
  • Types of mitigation measures
  • Selecting mitigation measures
  • Permanent and Advance Measures
  • Emergency management for ice jam flooding
  • Case studies

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SE0187 - Ice Jam Mitigation Techniques.pdf

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