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Course: Field Pile Tests in Foundations

# Course: SE0167

Fee: $55.00

Credit: 2PDH

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This course discusses field pile tests (load tests and driving selected types of piles) in regards to the design of pile foundations. Pile tests are not practical or economically feasible under certain circumstances, but they are always technically desirable.

A field pile test program generally consists of two types of procedures: a load tests to determine the load capacity of service piles; and driving selected types of piles with selected types of hammers and recording data on driveability. These tests are performed to verify or predict driving conditions and/or load capacity of service piles at the construction site. Verification is used primarily only to confirm the load capacity and driveability of the selected pile as service piles. Prediction tests differ from the verification process in that these tests are utilized for design purposes. The final pile size, type, and lengths generally have not yet been determined when these tests are conducted.

In addition to the general guidelines for testing, specific criteria for axial load tests, monotonic lateral load tests, and cyclic lateral load tests will be detailed throughout this course.



Important Note: Please recognize SE0031 – Design of Pile Foundations, covers the entirety of the material found in this course. If you have already taken or plan on taking SE0031 in the future, we strongly recommend you reconsider completing this course since the course material will be redundant.

Course Objectives:

  • General
  • Decision Process
  • Axial Load Test
  • Monotonic Lateral Load Test
  • Cyclic Lateral Load Test

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SE0167 - Field Pile Tests in Foundations.pdf

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