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Course: Daylighting in Buildings: Improving Energy Efficiency

# Course: RR0135

Fee: $275.00

Credit: 10PDH

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This course offers a comprehensive overview of daylighting systems, their performance parameters and an evaluation of the potential cost and energy savings for each system.

Daylighting design is a creative process that begins in the conceptual stage of the building design process. It is an important strategy for improving energy efficiency in non-residential structures by minimizing lighting and heating/cooling loads. Daylighting systems re-direct sunlight or skylight to necessary areas without creating glare. Daylight, electric light and shading systems must be considered as part of a whole system to have a complete energy optimization program.

The primary energy-related design objective of a daylighting system is to provide useable daylight for a particular climate or building type for a significant part of the year which allows heating and cooling loads to be reduced. Using daylighting systems with appropriate shading and electric lighting controls can substantially increase energy and cost savings by reducing lighting energy consumption and moderating peak demand in non-residential buildings. Using high-efficiency lamps and ballasts, and improving the effectiveness of fixtures and layout can increase the efficiency of building illumination and reduce the adverse environmental effects of electricity generation.

Research in the practical use of advanced daylighting systems is ongoing with the hope of closing the gap between potential benefits of daylighting systems and actual practice in building use.

Course Objectives:

  • Daylight in Building Design
    • Planning and Strategies
    • Performance Parameters
    • Daylighting Systems
  • Daylighting Systems
    • Light Shelves
    • Louvers and Blind Systems
    • Prismatic Panels
    • Laser-Cut Panels
    • Skylights
    • Light-Guiding Shading Systems
    • Sun-Directing and Light Guiding Glass
    • Anidolic Ceilings
    • Anidolic Zenithal Openings
    • Anidolic Solar Blinds
  • Available design tools

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RR0135 - Daylighting in Buildings Improving Energy Efficiency.pdf

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