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Course: Clean Energy: Wind Turbine Technology

# Course: RR0063

Fee: $55.00

Credit: 2PDH

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The material provided in this guide covers wind generation equipment and the technological requirements used to deliver the clean energy as determined by the US Department of Energy.

In North America, utility-scale wind turbines use the “Danish Concept” turbine configuration with a horizontal axis, three-bladed rotor, upwind orientation, and an active yaw system to keep the rotor oriented into the wind. In general, wind generation equipment is categorized into three general classifications: utility scale, industrial scale, and residential scale. Smaller and less sophisticated wind turbines are also available.

Most wind energy projects in the US are commercial facilities producing electrical energy for delivery and sale on the bulk power system, AKA the grid. With most current commercial wind power plants ranging from 20 to 300 MW, the type of turbine used in the project determines the number of turbines installed at a generation site.

Course Objectives:

  • Turbine Sizes
  • Technology and Ratings
  • Rotor Design Parameters
  • Applications of Wind Turbines
  • Bulk Power Delivery

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RR063 Clean Energy - Wind Turbine Technology.pdf

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