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Course: Renewable Technology: Solar Water Heating

# Course: RR0017

Fee: $82.50

Credit: 3PDH

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Within the framework of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and subsequent Executive Orders which mandated that energy consumption in the Federal sector be reduced by 30% from the 1985 levels, the US Dep. Of Energy sponsored a series of programs aimed at reducing consumption at Federal installations nationwide.

One of these programs, tasked at accelerating the introduction of energy-efficient and renewable technologies incorporates the utilization of parabolic-trough solar water heating which directly substitutes renewable energy.

In addition to the well-proven technology to replace conventional energy in water heating, parabolic-trough can also drive absorption cooling systems or other equipment that runs off a thermal load.  

This course addresses points of feasibility when considering the installation of a parabolic trough solar water heating system in federally owned facilities. While a parabolic trough solar collector can be a very effective water heating system, there are several criteria delimiting how well they can achieve economic advantage. These criteria include the amount of direct sunlight available at the location, the size of the installation, and existing utility rates. 

Course Objectives:

  • Technological application of parabolic solar-trough
  • Applications in water heating and cooling systems
  • Cost saving analysis vs. conventional energy sources
  • Environmental benefits
  • Implementation Barriers
  • Maintenance Impact

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