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Course: Drilling Efficiency for Oil and Gas Exploration

# Course: PT0163

Fee: $110.00

Credit: 4PDH

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This course covers successful drilling for Oil and Gas faster, deeper, through harder rock and in multiple directions from a single wellbore. This ultimately leads to more resources contacted with fewer wells, less drilling waste and less surface disturbance.

Substantial investments ride on the answers of weather to drill or not for Oil and Gas Exploration, and that decision making are considered the moment of truth for oil and gas producers. After all of the analyses and preparation have been completed, what remains is, have explorationists pinpointed the reservoir? Will it be productive? Are development wells being drilled in the right pattern for efficient extraction?

Drilling activities for a given field or reservoir may require the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars or more. Justifying such investments in developing domestic resources is increasingly difficult, since much of our nation’s remaining oil and gas is locked away in geologically complex and challenging structures that necessitate deeper drilling or enhanced completion and production technologies. Fortunately, high-resolution 3-D seismic and improved reservoir imaging and characterization are combined with improvements in drilling technology to increase drilling success rates. These advances also reduce drilling costs and the environmental impacts of both exploratory and development drilling.

The information contained in this course herein will cover technological developments which have made drilling safer, faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.


Important Note: Please recognize PT0116 – Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration, covers the entirety of the material found in this course. If you have already taken or plan on taking PT0116 in the future, we strongly recommend you reconsider completing this course since the course material will be redundant.

Course Objectives:

  • Greater Drilling Efficiency, Less Environmental Impact
  • CO2-Sand and Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Coiled Tubing and Horizontal Drilling
  • Measurement-While-Drilling and Modern Drilling Bits
  • Multilateral, Offshore, Pneumatic, and Slimhole Drilling
  • Synthetic Drilling Muds

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PT0163 - Drilling Efficiency for Oil and Gas Exploration.pdf

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